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Old Fashioned Skiing Gentlemen or Cool Dude Freestylers?

Old Fashioned Skiing Gentlemen or Cool Dude Freestylers?

Time After Time

pop quiz: Sindy or Cyndi, both had big hair in the 80s

Every year there is something new in ski gear and technology – from carver to rocker, longer, shorter, fatter, thinner, and other new gear to add to the ‘I want’ list.

In simpler times skiers, simply strapped a couple of planks of wood to their feet and launched themselves off the mountain. However, if this evidence of a group of skiers, spotted in Ski Circus ski resort in Austria, is anything to go by, it wasn’t the easiest of sports back then.

Looking like they were out for a stroll in their Sunday best, hurtling down the mountain, uncontrollably at speed was quite a sight.

Comparing these gents with the dudes on the freestyle scene and you can see how far the sport has come - or has it?

Ski Gear goes BRIGHTly coloured

Young Skiers in bright and trendy ski gear

Modern Day Skiers in their fancy ski gear

Equipment; yes definitely. Clothing; I’m not so sure!

pop trivia: From her caravan in 1984, a time of really big hair, Cyndi Lauper belts out Time after Time.

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