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Ice Watch Envy ... and now Sunglasses too!

Ice Watch Envy ... and now Sunglasses too!

Ice, Ice Baby!

pop quiz: Freddie and David or Robert Matthew Van Winkle; not a tough call!

Every day for months I walked passed Georg Wallner’s jewellery shop, Schmuckeike in Fieberbrunn, and admired the ICE-WATCH display in his window.

Display of ICE WATCH in Fieberbrunn ski resort

Then, one day, what do you know, I hear ICE are launching two styles of sunglasses in a range of their trademark, bold colour palette.

ICE WATCH sunglasses in ten bold colours

Now, I can’t tell you what they are really like as I haven’t been able to get hold of a pair, but I hear...

There are two styles, each available in ten different colours: Pulse, a classic and timeless design, and Mood, a more retro and rounded design. Perfect for looking cool in ski resorts, on beaches and at festivals, ICE-WATCH sunglasses have category 3 anti-UV polycarbonate lenses or can be fitted with prescription lenses. The soft silicone frames are lightweight and produced without hinges or screws, making them ‘sit-on’ proof!

ICE WATCH sunglasses designs - Mood and Pulse

...and they are going to be less than £60 a pair; available online and from independent retailers near you soon.

Vanilla Ice hip hop raps ‘Ice Ice Baby’ originally released in 1989, I think I prefer ‘Under Pressure’ by Queen and David Bowie from 1981.

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