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Post Season Ski Fitness

We Had Joy, We Had Fun

pop quiz: Canadian has hit with translation of French song written by a Belgian

For those of us who do most of our skiing in Europe and the northern hemisphere, the winter is over and the snow has gone. But, fear not, it is only six months until it’s back!

Whilst the sun is shining make sure you maintain as much as your hard earned ski fitness as possible. If you love skiing, you love the outdoors and the mountains, so enjoy them in the summer too and get as much aerobic exercise into your routine as you can.

  • Cycling – Whether you prefer eating up the miles on the open road or getting muddy on lanes and bridleways, cycling is brilliant for keeping your legs (and lungs) ski-fit.
  • Swimming – I admit, I’m not really a fan, but open water swimming seems to be gaining popularity and is good for all-round fitness.
  • Hill Walking– We’re not talking a casual stroll here, choose a hilly route and attack it at pace. Get your heart racing and your whole body hurting – you know it’s good for you!
  • Running – No lying around the pool reading pulp fiction, get down to the beach and pound out some miles; pretend you are in Chariots of Fire!

Of course whilst aerobic exercise is fabulous for overall fitness levels, for ski fitness you should also focus your attention on core strength, mobility, flexibility and strength. There are loads of exercises recommended for this, here’s a few from Graham Bell.

pop trivia: “We had joy, we had fun” is from ‘Seasons in the Sun’ a one hit wonder from Terry Jacks in 1974.

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