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No-angel Ski Hoodies | Ski Hoodie for Women

No-angel Ski Hoodies | Ski Hoodie for Women

She Offers Me Protection

pop quiz: Guy and Rob create the best in a quarter of a century


S-no-w-angel Ski Hoodies

Need an extra layer, this is it.

Not too bulky, but stylish and good for dancing on tables in Apres Ski bars and a hood to pull up for the walk back to your accommodation.

We've all created snow angels, but when your halo slips, you can become a s-no-w angel!

The ski season is over in Europe, you've thrown away last season's T-shirts, so now is the time to invest in one of these long-sleeve ski hoodies. Ideal for those looking to earn their wings on the slopes or fly around in the Apres Ski bars.

Available from Spreadshirt, click image for prices, colours, sizes and other details.

pop trivia: 'Robbie William's' anthem; 'Angels', co-written with Guy Chambers. Released in 1997, voted best song in 25 years at the 2005 BRIT awards.

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