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Skiers vs Snowboarders

Skiers vs Snowboarders

There’s Only Two Types of People in the World

pop quiz: the original Disney girl runs away to star in a tent

I’m a skier, I’ve tried boarding and I don’t like it.

Boarders do too much sitting around, usually in a row right across the piste, to get any interest from me. If pushed, I would concede that a brilliant boarder on virgin powder snow does look effortless and graceful, but that’s the only time I’m a little bit jealous.

a sit of snowboarders

Exponential Interactive, a global provider of consumer intelligence, have analysed the online habits of the UK’s skiers and snowboarders to uncover the real differences between us. They say:

  • Skiers are into HTC, Big Brother, Maria Sharapova, BMWs and beef (but I’m a veggie!)
  • Snowboarders are into iPhone, Law & Order, Megan Fox, Mercedes and low-calorie food
  • We’re both (apparently!) on high incomes; share a love of Masterchef, crime films, alcohol and going out

Top Five: Skiers vs Snowboarders

  1. Skiers dress smarter than snowboarders Duh – anyone who has witnessed the ‘low slung, crutch between the knees look’ favoured by many boarders knows this!
  2. Neither skiers nor snowboarders spend a lot of time preening in front of a mirror With only my nose sticking out when it’s cold, who cares about combing my hair?
    No need to comb your hair when in ski gear
  3. Beer, spirits or wine? Skiers and snowboarders agree that beer is best, but differ over a choice of wine or spirits: I say, let peace break out and let’s go for Gluwein and Jagertee!
  4. Skiers prefer UK TV, snowboarders opt for US shows For me, it not so much where it was made, but the quality, give me UK or US drama, but you can keep all reality shows.
  5. Skiers are interested in Maria Sharapova and Sharon Osbourne. Snowboarders are interested in Megan Fox and Britney Spears. In a sign that the research was male biased, I’m not interested in any of these four!

In conclusion; Skiers vs Snowboarders

Skiers and snowboarders share a love of the mountains and luckily there is enough big, wide open space for us all; so please, don’t sit in a row across the piste!

pop trivia: ‘Circus’ by Britney Spears brought us the line; “There’s only two types of people in the world”, in 2008.

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