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Dancing in Wellies or Ski Boots?

Dancing in Wellies or Ski Boots?

Wave Your Hands in the Air Like You Don’t Care

pop quiz: a brief appearance in a role where there are few lines to learn

With the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, comes the ‘start’ of the British summer and the Festival season:


Not so different to the Après Ski scene in most of Europe’s best ski resorts or the end of ski season festivals like Snowbombing, Top of the Mountain, Ibiza Rocks, The Brits or Rock the Pistes:

  • Inappropriate footwear for dancing
  • Great music
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Fabulous friends
  • Too much beer (or jager-bombs or whatever!)
  • You are happy to engage random strangers in lengthy conversation
  • You wonder whether you are getting too old

To be honest, I don’t need to wonder; I know I now prefer a bottle of wine and fine food to jager bombs and kebabs, a bed to a gutter, a great day on the mountains to a headache and an early finish.

If you are wondering, Helen Coffey offers a checklist of symptoms on the Telegraph Ski and Snowboard website.

pop trivia: ‘Cameo’ were waving their hands like they didn’t care in 1986’s ‘Word Up’.

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