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Ski Fitness, Exercise | Gym Ball Challenge

Ski Fitness, Exercise | Gym Ball Challenge

It was a Hot summer Night and the Beach was Burning

pop quiz: lost for words in hell

On the Snow has teamed up with US Ski Team members to create a series of videos to show us ‘mortals’ a thing or two about ski fitness: Don’t forget, it’s not supposed to be easy.

Summer is now at its height in Europe; long hot days, green mountains and the closest I get to snow is ice-cream; not so bad then.

But, Summer being at its height also means we’re turning the corner and Winter is on its way – hurray!

I’ve noticed the likes of Chill Factore putting out special offers to attract us to their indoor slopes in the off-season and organisations like Visit Tirol telling us how wonderful the mountains are in the Summer ; this is great, but to be in shape for the ski season you really need to hit the exercise mat.

These three exercises with a ball work on your gluts, hamstrings, core strength and lower back – it looks so easy, but do it right and it’s not, and it works!

You can do two of the three exercises using a chair to support your legs if you don’t have a gym ball, but to really ‘feel the burn’ you need a ball: Gym balls aren’t expensive, get one, you know you want to!

pop  trivia: Meat Loaf gave us “It was a hot summer night and the beach was burning” from ‘You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth’, the first single off his 1977 album ‘Bat Out of Hell’.

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