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Ski Austria Starts in September, or does it?

Ski Austria Starts in September, or does it?

Dedicated Follower

pop quiz: waves and curls are always in fashion

I can confirm many reports as I was there; last season was amazing for snow in the northern Alps of Austria; there was so much skiing to be had from October through to the end of April.

Now that September is here, the days are getting shorter and colder, and it is starting to snow in the Austrian Alps again, speculation is starting on what sort of ski season lies in store for us: I have no idea – and (I bet) nor does anyone else!

soelden has glacier skiing year around

Possibly the greatest thing about skiing in Austria is that you can be excused for thinking that the ski season in Austria doesn't start until December, but, if you are dedicated, you’d be wrong; check out the five glaciers of the Austrian Tirol, mostly open year around:

Now to be honest, unless you happen to be local or on a business trip to Innsbruck, you might be better off heading to the Chill Factore!

pop trivia: ‘Dedicated follower... of fashion’ is from the lyrics of the 1966 single by The Kinks

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  • Soelden is one of the best places in the Ötztal Valley. Skiing in Austrira is a good value for money comparing to Switzerland and France
    10/15/2018 11:31:50 AM Reply

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