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Faded 80s Ski Wear Remorse

Faded 80s Ski Wear Remorse

It´s My Own Design: It´s My Own Remorse

pop quiz: being in charge can only lead to tears

In any of the best ski resorts around the World you can come across the sight of casual, infrequent skiers who bought their ski wear in the 80s.

This particular one is actually in a favourite colour of mine, no really!, however the faded look of a one-piece ski suit that has been hanging in the wardrobe for 50 years is not my choice.

Looking a Little Faded in 80s Ski Wear

I’ve also noticed an alarming trend of 80s ski wear appearing on the young: They say fashion comes in cycles, but as one who lived through the 80s the first time around, I say leave it in the wardrobe – it’s not cool to be retro.

pop trivia: "It´s my own design: It´s my own remorse" from 'Everybody Wants To Rule The World' by Tears For Fears in 1985

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