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Crazy 80s Ski Wear

Crazy 80s Ski Wear

I Go Crazy Wondering What There is to Really See

pop quiz; get a 'smacker' from a breakfast cereal

In any of the best ski resorts around the World you can come across the sight of casual, infrequent skiers who bought their ski wear in the 80s.

Not the most extreme example of the 80s ski wear one-piece suit, but it is Christmas! Generousity of spirit must have gotten the better of me. Glad to see the scarf matches though!

80s ski fashion, one piece in Fieberbrunn

I’ve also noticed an alarming trend of 80s ski wear appearing on the young: They say fashion comes in cycles, but as one who lived through the 80s the first time around, I say leave it in the wardrobe – it’s not cool to be retro.

pop trivia: "I go crazy wondering what there is to really see" a line from 'Kiss On My List' the 1981 hit from Daryl Hall & John Oates



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