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Ski Fitness, Exercise with the US Team

Ski Fitness, Exercise with the US Team

Something Weird and it Don’t Look Good

pop quiz: who you gonna call?

On the Snow has teamed up with US Ski Team members to create a series of videos to show us ‘mortals’ a thing or two about ski fitness: Don’t forget, it’s not supposed to be easy.

At the end of this month we will be subject to ghosts and ghouls at every turn and be tempted by bucket loads of sweet treats; don’t do it; remember, the ski season is getting close and you want core strength not a flabby belly!

Grab a chair and put strength, balance and coordination to the ski fitness test in this single leg squat – prepare to hurt and/or fall over!

pop trivia: Since 1984 we’ve been watching ‘Ghostbusters’ at this time of year, Ray Parker, jr gave us its theme and the line “Something weird and it don’t look good”.

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