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Snowsport Ski Village for Sheffield

Snowsport Ski Village for Sheffield

What I Thought was the Fire, was Only the Spark

pop quiz: start of the alphabet needs a bow

When I watched bits of the Sochi Olympics I recall noting that many of the Team GB athletes had a Sheffield connection, but I thought no more of it...

Until I heard that back in 2012 the Sheffield Ski Village burnt down, and has been derelict and unused ever since. But unused doesn’t mean unloved.

A group of locals passionate about the ski village have joined forces and created 'Snowsport for Sheffield', in an attempt to bring the ski village back, bigger and better than ever. They deserve the support of everyone in GB who has ever skied for fun.

STOP PRESS: I have read that Extreme Destinations have been given favoured developer status by Sheffield Council to redevelop the Sheffield Ski Village - at last; I really hope it comes off soon.

pop trivia: Sheffield in the 80s bought us lots of great music, one of the bands was ‘ABC’ and one of their top tunes was ‘Poison Arrow’ featuring the lyric “What I thought was the fire, was only the spark”.

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