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Firework Spectacular in Ski Resorts

Firework Spectacular in Ski Resorts

Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble

pop quiz; in the jungle no one can here these boys scream

You just can’t help going oooowwww and aaaaarrrh at this. OK this was New Year’s eve in London 2013/4, but fireworks of this scale and brilliance in the place where Guy Fawkes started our fascination for big bangs, deserves to be shared today.

I love fireworks and love the fact that many ski resorts have a weekly display for the tourists.

Wrapped up warm with a Gluwein, what’s not to like?

pop trivia: Times may have changed for Ant and Dec, but who can’t resist singing along to their 1994 anthem released under the guise of PJ and Duncan (no, I don’t know which one was which either!), ‘Let’s get ready to Rhumble’?

PS: Happy Birthday Mum! xx



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