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Vintage Skiing in Art from The Beekley Collection

Vintage Skiing in Art from The Beekley Collection

The Picture of Contented New Wealth

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We’ve all been in mountain restaurants where the walls are adorned with dead animals(!), wooden skis and posters from a bygone age when skiing was in its infancy; it was glamorous, it was exclusive, it had style, it must have been impossible to make a carve turn!

Now Jenny de Gex has been granted access to the world-famous Beekley Collection and has compiled ‘The Art of Skiing’ for us to add to our coffee tables.

The Beekley Collection is the largest private collection of vintage skiing art in the world and contains evocative posters and photographs that chart over 100 years of development in Winter Sport from the early days to the development of fashionable resorts for the rich and famous in America and Europe in the 1930s.

Skiing posters from TheBeekley Family Foundation

The graphic art style of many of the images reflect the changing trends in skiing fashion and technique, and helps remind us, even if we are not as stylish, fashionable or exclusive as our forbearers, why we still love the adventure that is skiing.

THE ART OF SKIING - Vintage posters from the Golden Age of Winter Sport by Jenny de Gex and published by Palazzo (ISBN: 978-0-9571483-7-6).

pop trivia: “The picture of contented new wealth” is from ‘The Bitterest Pill’ which hit the charts in 1982 for ‘The Jam’.

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