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Backcountry Skiing or Freeriding

Backcountry Skiing or Freeriding

Picture this; freezing cold weather

pop quiz: all you want is parallel lines

So the Freeride World Tour seems to regularly take the decision to move from Fieberbrunn to somewhere with better weather, more snow or safer conditions; it seems they often don't fare too well there either:

Thank goodness everyone was OK and that all the safety precautions and plans were executed to perfection.

Now, I have no plans to petition for a veterans category of the Freeride World Tour, but we had a absolutely fabulous day backcountry skiing around Fieberbrunn, ably guided by Hans of Widmanns Skischule.

Back country skiing in Fieberbrunnpop trivia: Let's do it again next week. "Picture this; freezing cold weather", taken from 'Picture This' from the 1978 'Blondie' album Parallel Lines.

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