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Very Scary Tree Well; Do Kids Know the Danger?

Very Scary Tree Well; Do Kids Know the Danger?

Feel Like Calling "Heaven Please"

pop quiz: what you find on a magnetic roller coaster

As you travel on ski lifts through the trees you can often see the immense dangers that they pose to off-piste skiers.

The branches and foliage catch falling snow and makes the tree look lovely, however this means that snow doesn't reach the ground around the trunk of the tree within its canopy. With a good snowfall, the tree well that forms around the trunks can often be a metre or two deep, and as this video shows, they are very easy to ski into and incredibly difficult to get out of.

This is NOT a training video, this is not showing how to rescue someone, but it is a scary video showing how easy it is to get into trouble.

Why is it that parents seem unaware of the dangers of a tree well and of allowing their unsupervised kids, often under a metre tall, to travel at speed through trees down the sides of pistes?

pop trivia: Feel like calling "heaven please" is a line from Fairground Attraction's 1988 single 'Find My Love'.

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