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Apres Ski Tour - Where's that Man?

Apres Ski Tour - Where's that Man?

That Man in the Very Back Row

pop quiz: perhaps Debbie wants Harry

When the Freeride World Tour came to Fieberbrunn I was there, but no one seemed to be able to spot me!

This week, apres the ski tour has left town, the ice stadium is still there and it is a lot easier to spot a face in the 'crowd'. The skies are still perfect blue, but there are a lot fewer helicopters and a lot less beer flowing. Can you spot Andrew?

Where's Andrew among the crowds on the Fieberbrunn World Tour stadium

pop trivia: "That man in the very back row" is taken from 'I want that man', Blondie's 1989 hit  off the Def, Dumb and Blonde album.



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