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Aged 95 and Still Skiing Daily

Aged 95 and Still Skiing Daily

When I Get Older Losing My Hair

pop quiz: I don’t think creepy-crawlies reach retirement age

“If there’s snow on the ground, I’m on the slopes,” Klaus Obermeyer, the founder of clothing company Sport Obermeyer says.

Mr. Obermeyer admits that he isn’t zooming down double black diamonds the way he did when he was in his 20s, but he still goes skiing daily, for at least an hour or two when conditions allow. “Being out in nature keeps you young,” he says.

Even more than skiing, though, he says the secret to his vitality is a Japanese martial art, aikido, which he has practiced for 35 years. “The idea is not to hurt, but to control your opponent.” he says and applies this principle in business and everyday life. “Every attack that comes at you can be seen as an opportunity”.

Klaus Obermeyer who at 95 still goes skiing daily

Another place the principles of aikido apply is the swimming pool. He swims a bit more than a mile every day. “I find it easy to take a mindless state in the pool. When I swim, I’m forced to breathe deeply, and I like that I can stretch out my whole body.”

The above is a summary of an interview with Mr. Obermeyer by The Wall Street Journal: read the full article here.

Skiing Daily, Means Exercise Daily

So now that you are inspired and believe you want to be up to skiing daily during the forthcoming ski season, grab your gym kit and get started:

pop trivia: The Beatles pondered becoming 64 in 1967; “When I get older losing my hair” is from ‘When I’m 64’; I’m sure Paul is older than that now and still hasn’t lost his hair!



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