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The Ski Slopes of South Korea

The Ski Slopes of South Korea

Hey Sexy Lady

pop quiz: it has a certain style in South Korea

Not a place that's on most people's list of places to visit, let alone on the list of places you want to go ski-ing, but it seems that with three-quarters of the land mass covered in mountains, South Korea has quite a lot of options when is comes to the white stuff.

Most of it is not very big, most of it is not very high, most of it is not very challenging, but with the Winter Olympics heading to PyeongChang in 2018, there is a lot of investment in infrastructure; so now might be the time to add South Korea to your 'ski resorts I want to ski' list.

Yoon Chul, writing for CNN, has identified the seven best ski resorts in South Korea. Further information is quite difficult to come by, but we've managed to find a few South Korean piste maps for you. 

PyeongChang ski resort for Wiinter Olympics 2018

pop trivia: 'Hey sexy lady' are just about the only words in English from Psy's internet sensation, 'Gagnam Style'.



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