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Mr Black Sport Refresh Review

Mr Black Sport Refresh Review

Do What We Say That's the Way We Kick It

pop quiz: Mr Smith looking good in black

Sticking your nose in the bottle is probably not a good idea as the smell is quite intense. However, the fine mist spray of Mr Black has a delicious smell that wafted nicely through the house; replacing the smell of feet and armpits from our gym kits!

I gave the Mr Black Sport Refresh a go on Icebreaker merino socks and Adidas climacool running tops. I targeted the soles of the socks and the armpits of the tops and then gave the whole of each item a light misting. They didn’t get wet, just mildly damp; hanging them over a clothes drier and they were ready to go in less than 5 minutes.

Mr Black Sport Refresh

The Sport Refresh doesn’t wash clothes, there is a clue in the name, but gives them a good refresh, making them smell lovely, and allows a few extra wears before needing to wash. Not having a testing kit to hand, I cannot confirm whether Mr Black killed any bacteria, but it did neutralise odour and for £9.95, if it prolongs the life of expensive gym kits, it has got to be good value.

The ‘blurb’ says Mr Black Garment Essentials are infused with natural, nourishing ingredients and are uniquely enzyme-free and biodegradable formulations which penetrate deep into clothing to clean, refresh and prevent stains from setting. Made in Australia, Mr Black Garment Essentials are available to buy online or from a number of retailers across the UK including Ark and Selfridges.

pop trivia: “Do what we say that's the way we kick it” is from the 1997 soundtrack theme tune ‘Men in Black’ by Will Smith.



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