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Mr Black Wool Wash Review

Mr Black Wool Wash Review

Black Suits, White Shirts, Black Glasses with a Matching Tie

pop quiz: can Mr Smith still look good in black?

Please take care; don’t get confused between the delicious sweet, citrus aroma of the Mr Black Wool Wash and a bottle of Robinsons Lemon Barley: neither washing your cashmere sweater in lemon barley nor drinking a pint of Mr Black is going to end well.

Anyway even before using it, I like the Mr Black Wool Wash liquid; it smells lovely. The directions suggest a 25ml measure for either hand or machine wash. Aside from the fact there is no provision for measuring 25ml (a capful would have been the obvious), I’d suggest you need to develop an understanding of the amount needed depending upon the woollens you are washing and the level of grime the Mr Black Wool Wash needs to remove.

Mr Black Wool Wash

I put 30ml (two kitchen tablespoons) of Wool Wash into a delicates machine wash containing one wool and one merino sweater, four pairs of wool walking socks and three merino wool mid-layers. The smell post-wash is less intense and less sweet; the citrus aroma remaining means that everything smells clean and fresh. Nothing went in stained, so I can’t comment on the stain removing power of Mr Black, but the socks no longer walked on their own!

Mr. Black products start with the premise that washing clothes is necessary but bad for them; washing damages and fades clothing much more than wearing does. Woollens don’t generally get very dirty but do get sweaty and therefore smelly; so a wash product that gently removes odours and kills bacteria has got to be good.

I’ll continue to use Mr Black Wool Wash on my skiing and outdoor kit and will report back on whether I think it is prolonging their lives.

For £13.50 for 500ml (up to 20 washes); if it prolongs the life of just one Devold Merino Sweater costing over £100, it has got to be good value. The ‘blurb’ says Mr Black Garment Essentials are infused with natural, nourishing ingredients and are uniquely enzyme-free and biodegradable formulations which penetrate deep into clothing to clean, refresh and prevent stains from setting. Made in Australia, Mr Black Garment Essentials are available to buy online or from a number of retailers across the UK including Ark and Selfridges.

pop trivia: “Black suits, white shirts, black glasses with a matching tie” is from the 2012 soundtrack to Men in Black 3 ‘Back in Time’ by Pitbull.



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