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Eddie the Eagle 'Fly' on DVD and at Altitude

Eddie the Eagle 'Fly' on DVD and at Altitude

So don't look down

pop quiz: 80s stars fresh up to date by Gary Barlow

If you missed the cinema release of 'Fly'; the story of Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards as he prepared for the 1988 Winter Olympics, make sure you catch it on DVD when you can. The DVD was released back in August.

Anyone who remembers Eddie or remembers the 80s will love the nostalgia this film stirs in you.

Better yet, the real Eddie the Eagle is currently touring and is making a stop in Mayrhofen during the Altitude Comedy Festival in December; a great opportunity to catch up with a true Brit legend.

pop trivia: Nic Kershaw's 'The Sky's the Limit' for the 2016 Album 'Fly', a compilation of 80s musicians with new tracks brought together for the film 'Fly' by Gary Barlow.




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