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New Piste Map | Kiroro in Japan

New Piste Map | Kiroro in Japan

Not Big Enough for Both of Us

pop quiz: rub brothers together to get fire, well nearly

About an hour from Sapporo on Japan's north island is the little ski resort of Kiroro. In total the ski resort of Kiroro has;

  • 21 ski pistes
  • 32 km of groomed pistes
  • 7 green pistes, 6 red pistes, 8 black pistes
  • 9 ski lifts

Ski Kiroro, Japan Piste Map

pop triva: The third, and most commercially successful, album from 'Sparks' called 'Kimono My House' was released in 1974, it had 'This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us' as it's leading single.



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