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Altitude16 Headliners

Altitude16 Headliners

At night, the People Come and Go

pop quiz: buying cats or dogs is well earned

So as mentioned previously I actually missed the final two days of Altitude16 due to being in hospital with a smashed shoulder, but I sent Andrew along to have a few beers and a laugh. Being very, very generous I didn’t think it made sense for the both of us to be miserable in a hotel room in Mayrhofen when there was fun to be had.

Sean Lock headlined Thursday night and put on a great show, in summary it appeared that he had come to Mayrhofen with new material to test and it worked; it was very funny. Sean was supported by Altitude favourites Daniel Schloss, Sofie Maddox and Joel Dommett.

On Friday night, Altitude16 was treated to a flying, almost quite literally, visit from John Bishop. If you remember back to January, John Bishop was live on your TV screen every night ‘training’ to be an astronaut. Not even managing to find the time to get out of his flying suit, John entertained the Altitude16 audience with stories of zero-gravity, boyhood dreams and space. The material seemed to be mostly ‘off the cuff’, but maybe that is the brilliance of a great comedian.


Founders of Altitude Comedy Festival, lederhosen clad, Andrew Maxwell and Marcus Brigstoke also took to the stage on Friday as well as Phil Nichol and Alfie Brown.

So now my shoulder is (mostly) mended and I’m looking forward to the 2016/17 ski season, and what do you know, I, sort of, get a second chance at Altitude16. This season Altitude Comedy has moved and become a festive festival; Altitude Christmas is coming to Mayrhofen from 11th to 17th December and has a whole week of comedy and festive treats lined-up; don’t miss it. I don’t plan to as I’ve promised my Mum I won’t injure myself again!

Check out the Altitude Festival's website and Facebook page for the latest line-up and booking information for the next Altitude.

Pop trivia: The line is from ‘What Have I Done to Deserve This?’ by ‘The Pet Shop Boys’ featuring swinging-60s icon ‘Dusty Springfield’, released as a single in 1987.



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