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Snow Finel Merino Leggings Review

Snow Finel Merino Leggings Review

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pop quiz: go outside to play in the cold

When a package arrives in the post and the contents are wrapped carefully in tissue paper, you know you have received something special. My Snow Finel Skirt Leggings arrived encased in several layers of yellow tissue paper and meant I wanted to open it up very carefully.

Inside, my new grey-marl skirt leggings felt delicate and soft yet, at the same time, well constructed and designed. Now, I have to admit at this point I wasn’t convinced that these leggings would be warm enough for the test I was about to give them. The delicacy and softness led me to believe they would be too thin to actually keep me warm when out in the snow.

Undeterred, I packed my Snow Finel Merino Skirt Leggings in my rucksack and headed off to the Heidelberger Hutte in the Swiss Alps above Ischgl for a ski touring course. In winter, snow ensures the only way in or out of the Hutte is on foot or skis. With no outdoor clothes allowed inside, I knew I would need something special to stay warm when the temperature would be dropping to well below freezing.

Wearing Snow Finel Leggings for a Week

On arrival at the Hutte my outdoor clothing came off, but I remained warm and cosy. The Snow Finel Leggings are amazingly warm. Any concerns I had about how thick they were and therefore how warm they would be, were completely unfounded. I’ll be honest, I didn’t take them off for the whole week; but being Merino, I don’t think I was becoming aromatic!

Snow Finel Merino Skirt Leggings in the Heidelberger Hutte

Several other ladies on the ski touring course passed positive comments; they especially liked the short skirt, which meant being quite comfortable, and discrete, when wandering around the Hutte. For me it also meant I had an extra layer around my mid-drift and bum for extra warmth.

After the ski touring course I headed into the Ischgl ski resort where I was very comfortable and warm sitting outside on a hotel terrace drinking coffee in my Snow Finel Skirt Leggings despite the temperature being about -10oC.

Snow Finel is a British company making ski wear. They use only the best quality materials to create stunning products that are not only stylish by also comfortable. For the quality, Snow Finel products are excellent value.

  • Material: 100% merino wool
  • Wicking/Breathability: Merino is a natural fibre that wicks vapour away from the body
  • Durability: Don’t let the fineness fool you; merino fibre is very hardwearing
  • Washing: Hand wash at 30oC using a wool specific soap. Good news; being merino it doesn’t have to be washed very often!
  • Drying: Do not tumble dry; lay out flat and pull into shape
  • Best Thing: Warm and stylish legs
  • Worst Thing: Hand washing
  • Price/Value: This quality and care comes at a price, but Snow Finel products represent excellent value when considering both form and function

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