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Heat Holders Original Socks Review

Heat Holders Original Socks Review

With My Feet Down in the Crowds

pop quiz: perhaps Noddy is a long way off

Billed as ‘the ultimate thermal sock’, the original Heat Holders socks offer a 2.3 tog rating and are available for both Men and Women. With a slew of celebrity endorsements, and a thumbs up from many outdoor workers, it makes sense for those of us who get cold feet to take note.

Packing a pair of Heat Holders Originals in my rucksack I headed off to the Heidelberger Hutte in the Swiss Alps above Ischgl for a ski touring course. In winter, snow ensures the only way in or out of the Hutte is on foot and with no outdoor shoes allowed inside, I knew my feet would need something special.

Heidelberger Hutte Ischgl

These socks do not weigh very much but are incredibly thick, soft and fluffy. Wearing Heat Holders with my walking boots meant I had to loosen the laces. This ensured my toes had room to wriggle and the socks had the opportunity to do their job properly. Makers claim that Heat Holders trap warm air; and thus keep feet warmer for longer.

Heat Holders Original Thermal Socks

Heat Holders Original Thermal Socks in the Heidelberger Hutte

On arrival at the Hutte, high in the mountains above the ski resort of Ischgl, my boots came off, in hindsight a pair of Heat Holder Slipper Socks may have been useful here, but as that would also have meant an extra pair of socks in my limited back pack; Originals would have to do. With outside temperatures dropping well below freezing, my feet stayed snug, warm and cosy.

A quick search online and you’ll see that you can easily pay £20 for a good pair of outdoor socks: With Heat Holders costing less than £10 a pair, they certainly represent excellent value. I would conclude that if you are outdoors for any length of time, for work or fun, and it is cold, adjusting your footwear to accommodate a pair of Heat Holders would be worth it to help keep your feet warm.

Top tip: Wear your Heat Holders original socks when you go to buy any new outdoor footwear; this will ensure your toes have room to wiggle and you can fully benefit from the trapped warm air.

  • Material: 91% Acrylic, 5% Nylon, 3% Polyester, 1% Elastane
  • Left/Right Different: No
  • Wicking/Breathability: Holds in warm air
  • Durability: Man-made fibres tend to be long lasting
  • Washing: Machine wash at 40oC; man-made fibres don’t need special care
  • Drying: Can be tumble dried; often merino socks can’t be
  • Best Thing: Warm feet
  • Worst Thing: Too thick for wearing with close fitting boots
  • Price/Value: Excellent, under £10 a pair
  • Men’s Colours: Black, Charcoal, Denim, Earth brown, Forest green, Navy, Red
  • Women’s Colours: Black, Cerise, Deep fuchsia, Indigo, Pink, Purple, Raspberry, White, Wine

pop trivia: In 1974, Noddy Holder, the lead singer with 70s glam rock band Slade was becoming a movie star; releasing ‘Slade in Flame’; from the soundtrack came the single ‘Far, Far Away’.



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