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How to Become Better at Mountain Biking in Nine Steps

How to Become Better at Mountain Biking in Nine Steps

I Want to Ride it Where I Like

pop quiz: Freddie gets inspired by Le Tour

I now have my mountain bike, my first proper bike since I got a Raleigh 14 for my 12th birthday; so now I need to get better at riding it.

The adage goes “it’s like riding a bike”; whilst this might be true at the very basic level, is not true when it comes to control and confidence over lumps and bumps.

I found this handy list online from Axie Navas in conversation with Lindsey Richter, founder of Ladies AllRide mountain bike camps; I guess I need to go to the States for a course!

Get Your Boobs over the Bars

On steep climbs, aggressively slide your hips forward to move your center of balance up and off the back wheel. It’s amazing what you can climb with this forward-leaning body position.

You Ride the Bike—Don’t Let It Ride You

Bikes don’t have brains. We need to tell them what to do

Brake with Just One Finger

The index finger, to be specific. This gives you more control of the bike and plenty of braking power.

Think About Rocks as Momentum Blockers

Hit a rock, and it will slow you down. If you want to get over the rock, you’ll need speed or finesse or both.

learn mountain biking from the professionals

Practice Proper Body Position

There should be a straight line between your wrist and your forearm without a crick in the wrist.

Your Feet Matter Too

Whenever you’re descending, your pedals should be level and parallel to the ground, with your centre of balance low and centred over the bike.

Know Your Level Lift from Your Bunny Hop

A level lift is where you preload the bike by stomping your feet, then jump straight up into the air with both wheels leaving the ground at once. A bunny hop, on the other hand, is where you get the bike to arc in the air first with the front wheel and then the rear wheel leaving the ground.

Drop Centred

When you’re going over a drop, you want to land centred. The key to this is in the takeoff.

Banish the Negative Thoughts

In mountain biking, as in life, we’re susceptible to self-doubt—that nagging voice in your head that’s a master of worrying at your weaknesses.

Read the Full Article from Outside Magazine here.

Pop trivia: “I want to ride it where I like” from ‘Bicycle Race’ by ‘Queen’; released as a double A-side with ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’, and with a controversial video, in 1978.

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  • I would love to excel at mountain biking.Nice help.
    2/1/2018 10:06:58 AM Reply

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