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Wanna Ski Some Moguls?

Wanna Ski Some Moguls?

Do the Bump, You can do it to the Rhythm

pop quiz: 70s glam rock/pop, renamed by Micki Most, I bet they were chuffed

Recently we decided we wanna'ed to ski some moguls, so we found ourselves heading to Chill Factore in Manchester for a one day Warren Smith Moguls course.

Six exhausting hours later and, in my mind I looked like this...

... I don’t suppose for one moment we really did, but thanks to our instructor Andy, we had lots of new tools in our skiing kitbag to help us deal with the lumps and bumps of the mountain when we head to go skiing in Austria next month.

This short film shows Marcus Caston and Olympic gold medallist and skiing legend, Jonny Moseley tackling to best bits of Squaw Valley, CA and experience the magic of making turns down mogul-laden slopes. day; dream on!

I would certainly recommend Warren Smith courses. Their approach is to get you doing it without thinking it too much; crucial in the reality that is the unpredictability of real off-piste ski slopes.

pop trivia: ‘Kenny’ had a few hits in the 70s, this one was ‘The Bump’ also recorded by ‘The Bay City Rollers’.

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