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Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang; Team GB

Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang; Team GB

I Don't Want Silver, I Just Want Gold

pop quiz: first album with Jacqui on vocals, she don't sound like a cat

Great Britain has won a total of five medals at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, this is a record haul for British winter sport and 'just' reached the target set by the governing body (and funders!) of UK Sport.

The closing ceremony on 25th February, saw Billy Morgan carry the flag and lead out a jubilant Team GB. The medals on show were;

  • Bronze: Dom Parsons, Skeleton
  • Bronze: Izzy Atkin, Slopestyle
  • Gold: Lizzy Yarnold, Skeleton
  • Bronze:Laura Deas, Skeleton
  • Bronze: Billy Morgan, Big Air

Team GB Closing Ceremony Winter Olympics

There were also quite a few close calls, some injuries and quite a few disapppointments. I cannot imagine what training for somethng for 4 years, and then having 'bad luck' on the day, must be like.

In the final medal table at the 2018 Winter Olympics, Team GB were 19th. Norway led the way with a total of 39 medals including 14 Golds. Germany came second with 31 medals, also including 14 Golds. Canada took the third spot on the podium with 29 medals, which included 11 Golds.

The Winter Paralympics started on 9th March, coverage is on Channel 4.

pop trivia: 'The Beautiful South' released 'Good as Gold (Stupid as Mud)' as a single in 1994 from the album 'Miaow'.

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