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Snow Business by Andrew Reed

Snow Business by Andrew Reed

There’s No Business Like

pop quiz: back in 1946 when the Wild West was trying to tempt Annie

In 2005, my Birthday to prompted me to contemplate the meaning of life and I quit the UK to do a ski season in the Alps. Ten years before me, Andrew Reed had a similar notion, but headed north to ski in Sweden.

Published on 28th March, you can now read his ‘Nordic Adventures of a Ski Rep’: I’ve not written mine yet!

Snow Business by Andrew Reed

The book “reveals a very different type of ski resort to the normal alpine resort with activities that included snowmobile safaris, husky dog sledging, chaotic reindeer rides and visits to the spectacular frozen waterfall. Even the Northern Lights and the real Santa Claus make brief appearances.”

“The book offers a realistic, honest perspective and explains the strains and pressures of the job, including working in close proximity to others over such a long, hard season which finished well beyond the alpine resorts.”

The book is available from Troubador (ISBN: 97817880394444).

pop trivia: Irving Berlin wrote ‘There’s No Business Like Show Business’ for the 1946 musical ‘Annie Get Your Gun’. It was also featured in a musical of the same name in 1954.

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