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Sports Bra for Skiing

Sports Bra for Skiing

I’ve Never Made a Boob

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I own a couple of Shock Absorber Bras which I use in the gym. When out hiking or biking I usually wear one of my normal, everyday bras. Skiing is a different matter; I don’t wear a bra at all!

I have a fairly large, but as I have read and understand, fairly average, bust size of 34DD. When skiing I wear an Under Armour or Skins compression base layer. Given how closely these fit I haven’t felt the need to compromise their compression or wicking effectiveness by wearing a bra.

By the time I’ve put my Demon Body Armour on, perhaps a merino mid-layer and topped it all with my North Face ski jacket, my breasts are not going anywhere! However, I do admit I have a couple of issues with my current set up.

The problems I currently experience when not wearing a bra for skiing are;

  • Getting sweaty between bust and ribs!
  • Nipple show through if I strip down to base layer in mountain restaurants!

The problem I currently experience when wearing a sports bra in the gym is;

  • Having to get someone to do me up; I blame the double fastening and being left handed for this!

Having seen more and more articles about sports bras using words like ‘supportive’, ‘high-impact’, ‘wicking’ and suited to ‘bigger busts’, I thought it was time to reconsider my approach and see what is available. Overcoming my current issues is the priority; good wicking, nipple coverage, single person operation, PLUS, I’d need a sports bra that minimises bounce by giving excellent support.

It seems the first choice is between compression and encapsulation. Squash your bust into your ribs to create a ‘uniboob’ that won’t go anywhere, or; keep two boobs, supporting each one separately in a firm structure.

I figure a compression bra will add to my sweaty overhang issue, but as most compression bras don’t have a fastening, I would be able to get dressed alone!

Encapsulation bras tend towards traditional bra fastenings at the back. They need to create a firm structure so are generally not very stretchy and are deliberately a tight fit. For me this will mean, someone else doing me up or doing it up at the front and swishing it around; unless I can find a front fastening one...

On balance; my search is for a front fastening encapsulation sports bra.

I suppose, not surprisingly a Google search brought up a lot of articles and shops from the States. Three articles I found particularly useful were from;

Hunting around from where I could buy a front fastening sports bra in the UK, I came up with;

  • The biking discount website ‘wiggle
  • The specialist ‘no bounce’ sports bra website ‘boobydoo’. Emily at boobydoo quickly responded to my enquiry saying that as a medium-high impact sport I would need something pretty supportive, she made three suggestions:
  1. Triaction Free Motion Sports Bra, this a medium impact sports bra and it’s really lite and it has powerful woven fabric which has been tested on sensitive skin and it has been developed to keep you more dry and fresh during workouts.
  2. Swemark Incredible Sports Bra, this is a maximum support bra that has COOLMAX fabric to provide high moisture transfer to keep you dry. It has padding on the side of the cups which ensures extra support.
  3. Anita Frontline Open Sports Bra, this bra offers high support and it fastens with hook and eyes down the front. So this makes it nice and easy to get on. The cups are seamless and pre-shaped and the straps have Velcro fasteners so it’s easily adjusted.

Possibly because I am happy with the brand already, I am also considering a Shock Absorber Active Zipped Plunge Bra. As my ski season is over for this year, I am not in any rush, so will keep my eye out: Watch this space for updates in my quest.

pop trivia: the ‘Bonzo Dog Do-dah Band’ had a hit in 1968 with ‘I’m the Urban Spaceman’, written by Neil Innes and produced by Paul McCartney.

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