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Argentina and Chile Ski Resorts

Argentina and Chile Ski Resorts

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The Ski Season has returned to South American. All of the major Ski resorts in Argentia and Chile have benefited from recent snow storms, with over a meter of fresh snow in just the first few days of the season. All the major ski resorts are now open, and there is fantastic skiing to be had!

Argentina's Best Ski Resorts

Argentina has two big mountains - Cerro Catedral in Bariloche, 6,800ft, and Las LeƱas in Mendoza. The main ski resorts are:

La Hoya, Cerro Castor, Catedral, Chapleco, Cerro Bayo, Las Lenas, Penitentes, Caviahue

Argentina Ski Resort Logos

Chile's Best Ski Resorts

Chile has at least 20 ski resorts, the most northerly is Portillo.

Portillo, Valle Nevado; La Parva and El Colorado, Termas, Pucon, Corralco, Antillanca

Chile Ski Resort Logos

For more about skiing in South America: The Best Ski Resorts and Patagonia Ski Tours

For Piste Maps of the best ski resorts in Argentina & Chile: Piste Maps

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