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The Perils of Ice Climbing in Canada

The Perils of Ice Climbing in Canada

Don't Yell Help Help

pop quiz: you need to be a child of the 70s to know who Hair, Bubi and Square are

There are many dangers of going ice climbing in Canada. It's cold, I mean really cold; the danger of frost bite is very real. It's remote, I  mean really remote; you need to be prepared to be self sufficient. It's big, I mean really big; multi pitch starting or ending in the dark. And, there are bears...

Nick Bullock location of Bear Attack

This article by Nick Bullock gives a really detailed account of ice climbing in Canada over a decade or more of his experience; it ends well, but it so easily could have been much worse!

If I go to Canada, I think I'll stick to ski resorts!

pop trivia: the genius of Hanna Barbera bought the Hair Bear Bunch to children's TV in 1971



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