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Ski & Snowboard Show North

Ski & Snowboard Show North

By calling it the ‘Ski and Snowboard Show’ I was expecting something entertaining, something spectacular, something worth spending money on.

Or is that just me?

End of Line Ski Gear For Sale

Instead, I feel the foray of the ‘Show’s’ organisers to a grubby warehouse unit around the back of the Trafford Centre in Manchester was little more than a few outdoor retailers selling ends of lines, a few interesting (but not very entertaining) seminars on avalanche avoidance and a few caterers offering traditional alpine fayre that wasn’t a patch on the Christmas Markets in town.

Ski Tirol at the Ski and Snowboard Show

I felt quite sorry for the teams from the Tirol, from St Anton to Pillersee Tal; they had obviously spent a whole wad of cash on sponsoring the ‘show’, getting their huge exhibition stand to Manchester and hiring loads of staff only for them to end up talking to each other for the better part of three days.

  • Where were the exhibition skiers and snowboarders?
  • Where were our Winter Olympic hopefuls showing off their skiing and snowboarding skills and signing autographs?
  • Where were ‘fashion shows’ of all the latest ski clothing and outdoor gear?
  • Where were the giant screens showing ski freestylers doing what they do best?

Trying traditional alpine food at the ski show

If the organisers expect us Northerners to spend our hard earned cash on tickets to their ‘show’ next year, they must try harder, much, much harder; we won’t pay to get into a ski trade exhibition twice!



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