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The Best Ski Books for Christmas

The Best Ski Books for Christmas

Where is Rudolph? Where is Blitzen, Baby?

pop quiz: If every member of the band has the same surname there is sure to be fighting at Christmas

Christmas has been in the shops for over a month, if you are going to bother, now is the time to do present buying; before you get caught up in last minute panic buying, and just end up with a load of tatt.

If you are stuck for what to buy the ski bum in your life this Christmas, fear not, we're here to help; try this selection of five of the best ski books we know about.

Powder : The greatest Ski Runs on the Planet

The original inspiration for our Best Ski Resorts website and still a coffee table favourite of ours.

The Art of Skiing

From a time when skiing was for the elite and posters were designed to attract sophisticated folk to the Alps!

Nonetheless there are some great iconic images.

Where to Ski & Snowboard 2016

Every year new lifts are opened, small ski resorts get joined together to form some fabulous bigger resorts and who wouldn't want the latest guide to everywhere you'd ever want to go?!

%0 Places to Ski Before you Die Powder; The Greatest Ski Runs on the Planet The Art of Skiing Where to Ski and Snowboard 2016 Go Ski DVD Ski Coaching with Warren Smith Ollie's Ski Trip

50 Places to Ski Before you Die

Not got this one, but it is on my pressie list.

Go Ski : Ski Coaching DVD with Warren Smith

Ski Coach to the rich and famous; or at least those who agree to do 'The Jump' each year. We met Warren Smith (the author of this one) at the Ski Show, he has some great advice about ski fitness and safety on the mountains.

Ollie's Ski Trip

One for the kids, inspiration for the next generation of ski bums.

All these ski books and many others are available from Waterstones and other good bookstores.

pop trivia: From the 1989 album 'Brain Drain', 'The Ramones' belt out 'Merry Christmas (I don't want to fight tonight)'.

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