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Please Pay Me to do Ski Research

Please Pay Me to do Ski Research

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pop quiz: I'll be damned if it wasn't in the South Pacific

I wake up each morning listening to the radio and it amazes me how much the news is padded out with reports of some spurious piece of research into something none of us care very much about.

I’ve heard about cats not liking to be stroked, the uncovering of the hardest tongue twister, that drunken people think they are more attractive than they actually are and many more besides. This type of research is celebrated at an event each year at Harvard by the awarding of

Recently I learnt that skiing is pleasurable, makes you happy and improves your well-being. You’d think that no one would question this, but a while back, Springer researchers have undertaken work to ‘prove’ it! This got me thinking, all this research is paid for, usually by us the tax-payer, and usually involves a team of researchers going out into the ‘field’ for a prolonged period of time. So I want to know how I get involved as I think it is VERY important that we find out:

  1. Why snowboarders sit in a line across the piste.
  2. Why French men haven’t bought any new ski gear since the 80s.
  3. Whether following a group of local, under 10s off-piste is a good idea.
  4. The effects of Jagertee on skiing ability.
  5. Whether skiing or boarding is better.

Please Tweet me @SkiChaletGirl if you  have access to funding that will allow me to pull together a team of top researchers to spend a season or two in some of the best ski resorts on Earth in order to answer these vital questions.

pop trivia: in 1982, 'Captain Sensible', lead singer with 'The Damned' successfully covered 'Happy Talk', originally from the 1949 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical 'South Pacific'



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