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Saw Me in 80s Ski Fashion in Flaine

Saw Me in 80s Ski Fashion in Flaine

I Know That You Saw Me

pop quiz: James sparkles when admitting an error in judgement

In any of the best ski resorts in France you can come across the sight of middle aged gentlemen, for yes, it is usually men, that bought their ski gear in the 80s and when they look in the mirror each morning are still convinced they look good.

A group of 80s Ski Fashion; Caught on camera in the ski resort of Flaine in the French Alps

Make room for a whole wardrobe of 80s Ski Fashion

I’ve heard rumour that these is now a company offering to buy these fashion statements in order to hire them out to all the trendy young things on the slopes – it’s cool to be retro!

Ladies 80s Ski Fashion, caught in the best ski resort of Flaine in France

No hiding behind the others: in the ski resort of Flaine

pop trivia: "I know that you saw me" from I Should Have Known Bettter by Jim Diamond reached No.1 in the UK in December 1984

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