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Don’t Miss Ski Sunday

Don’t Miss Ski Sunday

Sunday Bloody Sunday

pop quiz: you too might know Ireland's favourite sons

Can anyone tell me why...

  • There are so few episodes of Ski Sunday in the series?
  • I always miss the start of the series because there doesn’t seem to be any promotion of it?
  • I miss the rest of it because I’m skiing?!
  • iPlayer isn't freely available in Europe to UK licence payers?

Ed and Graham present Ski Sunday on the BBC, 40 years

So a new series of Ski Sunday has begun, the 40th! ...and I'll miss it again.

Will Dave Ryding continue his brilliant form from last season? What has freeskier 'Woodsy' got to say for himself regarding the Olympics? I'll never know, as I'm in the Alps skiing.

I see the BBC is planning to show lots of coverage of the Winter Olympics from Pyeongchang in 2018, I wonder if they'll let me watch it?

pop trivia: 'Sunday Bloody Sunday', the first track from the U2 album 'War', released in 1983.

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